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In today’s world, lighting is everywhere and impacts the spaces we are in. From House of Worship interiors, auditoriums and theaters to studios and special event centers, we design the lighting not only for visibility and special effects but also for effective immersion and broadcast.

Whether you’re leading a Sunday service or a contemporary worship experience or planning for a theatrical event or shooting a show in your new studio, you see the necessity and potential impact of an integrated lighting design! There are many new lighting technologies that offer exceptional control for visual impact, looks and feel along with saving energy, heat and space!

Digital Resources offers lighting knowledge and experience in design/install lighting upgrades, design/build new construction and professional lighting services. We serve commercial, religious, education, institutional, broadcast, hospitality and city government clients across the region. We strive to provide continually superior service at competitive prices while using our expertise and knowledge of the latest industry innovations to develop creative solutions to your lighting needs.

Contact us today to discuss your lighting requirements. Digital Resources offers complete lighting design and integration from the industries best companies!