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Digital Media Equipment and Products Catalog

Search through our online industry catalog for leading digital media equipment and products solutions at your fingertips. Linked to our co-op purchasing contracts, this catalog makes it easy to purchase pre-vetted, high-quality technology and accessories through our TIPS/TAPS and BuyBoard affiliations.

Featured Product

Cloud Driven Solution’s AgendaLink product suite offers a full range of agenda and management solutions for government institutions. AgendaLink makes creating and controlling meetings simpler, more efficient, and productive. Clients save over 240+ hours of work per year while reducing operating costs by up to 20% with AgendaLink’s cloud native software.

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Audio and Sound

From production to presentation, audio and sound digital media equipment keeps every word clear and profound.

Microphones, Speakers, Acoustic Materials, Headphones, Headsets and Earsets

Cameras and Camcorders

Capture special events and significant messages with a wide variety of PTZ, Robotics, 4K, Studio, HD, and specialty cameras and camcorders.

Special Application, Camera Auxiliary Equipment, Camcorders, Camera Controls

Cases and Bags

Protect your valuable digital media equipment with a durable case from top market brands like Porta-Brace, Petrol, and Manfrotto.

Protective Cases, Soft Equipment Bags


Computers and accessories are at the heart of any AV production project. Get computer storage, AV software, auxiliary equipment, and more.

AV Software, Computer Components and Storage, Computer Auxiliary Equipment, Computers (Professional)


Video conferencing is essential to hosting lectures, events, and meetings. From collaboration hubs to VoIP systems, we’ve got you covered.

Video Conferencing Equipment, Conferencing/Discussion Systems, Telelphony and VoIP Systems, Audio Conferencing Equipment

Content Management

Once you have your digital content created and produced, content distribution equipment helps you broadcast to your audience.

Digital and Streaming Media Distribution Equipment, Content Recording and Storage Systems

Digital Control

Keep easy-to-access digital control of all your equipment with wireless keypads, remote controls, touch panels, and other control systems.

Control Panels and Interfaces, Control Systems


Exhibit your live presentation, meeting, show, or service on vivid HD, LCD, or IPS displays, monitors, and video walls.

Displays and Monitors, Video Walls


Support or store your production and broadcasting equipment with a wide selection of AV unit furniture and AV supplies.

AV Furniture, Stands, AV Lifts, Consoles

AV Mounts & Rigging

AV mounts and rigging help you mount speakers or rig systems for either temporary or permanent installations.

Mounts, Rigging

Networking & Cabling

From connectors to fiber optic systems, we have the AV networking and cabling required to pull off your production.

Cables and Connectors, Fiber Optic Systems, Racks, Network Equipment


Stay connected without missing a beat. Our power supplies offer energy monitoring options to keep your event or production running smoothly.

Power Supplies, Power Distribution, Energy Monitoring and Management


Digital presentations display your strategies, plans, and objectives in a professional, efficient manner. Find whiteboards, easels, and other presentation apparatuses.

Whiteboards, Projectors and Accessories, Projection Screens, Markerboards and Easels

Production and Lighting

Film production tools lend professionalism and clarity to your project. Find production and lighting equipment for all your AV requirements.

Audio Production Equipment, Production Recording Equipment, Video Production Equipment, Lighting Control Systems

Security and Safety

Surveillance and security is critical to the success and safety of your organization or facility.

Intercom and IFB Systems, Surveillance Equipment, Security/Life Safety Call and Paging

Signal Management

Guarantee your system works as expected before launching your presentation or event. Switchers and signal processing systems are available.

Signal Processing Systems, Signal Routing/Switching, Wireless Signal Processing, Test and Measurement Equipment

Our catalog is your one-stop source for upgrading digital media equipment at competitive costs. For any questions about our co-op purchasing agreements and technology upgrades, contact us today.