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Live Broadcasting – Streaming – Robotics – Virtual Studios – Podcasting – Remote Production

As the leading provider in designing and building broadcast studios, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources to provide a system to meet your objectives. From live virtual sets, virtual conferencing, virtual trainings and broadcast streaming and recording, we provide the latest technology and assets required to make it right.

Our expertise and experience in studio builds will take you through all the necessary steps to ensure your studio is designed to perfect performance. Our consultive design and implementation process take it from concept to completion. This includes floor planning to lighting to furniture to green screens, infinity screens to overall construction requirements. We work as part of your team to coordinate what is needed with the architect, electrician, and the general contractor where needed.

DRI is thoroughly versed in Studio Robotics and Virtual Sets. This leading technology will help you maximize your live presentations and custom broadcasts with realistic, lifelike graphics and interactive capabilities. Using automated virtual set configurations and custom presets for routing, graphics and camera moves, these assets reduce these complex tasks to a button push with overall cost savings.

Podcasting studios are another forte of Digital Resource. By applying our in-depth knowledge of broadcast to this streaming platform genre, the systems we design provide the highest quality image and presentation at a great price point. Intuitive layouts that are customized to the individual needs for the podcast provide easy operation and full control of the video and audio for a great podcast experience.

If being portable is what you need, DRI has years of experience designing portable, rugged remote production packages so you can have the equipment you need where it is needed. From rolling racks, custom built production cases to trucks and fully portable transportation solutions to cover the field to the transmitter. DRI will make sure you always have the solutions you want, and where you want it.