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Digital Resources, Inc.
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Digital Resources Expo Seminar 2016

2016 expo Solution Seminars TBD

2015 Solutions Seminars 

9:00am-10:00am Crestron - Presented by Linda Pennington
"The Intelligent Enterprise" - AV is now Business Critical Technology

Every business meeting, classroom and House of Worship service use audio video technology to communicate, teach or present. This requires a set of core technologies that ensure standardized implementation, a consistent user experience, maximum up-time and centralized enterprise-class monitoring and management. This seminar will review the changing dynamics in the workplace/classroom and how utilizing DM 3.0 and the Crestron Certified Design will ensure your enterprise has an end-to-end scalable solution that is based on a single validated platform.

10:00am-11:00am AJA - Presented by John Ladle
"Conversion Paths, 4K and Digital" - AV is now Business Critical Technology


Today conversion has changed.  Facilities are adapting to consumer display standards (HDMI, Fiber, HD BaseT, DVI, DisplayPort) while providing a broadcast signal.  Addressing needs, growing capabilities and adapting to projects with today's budget can be tough, but not impossible.  Records need to be automated, efficient and just about taken for granted.  We will show how you can control the entire signal path over a single IP address while building your infrastructure strategically-and at lower cost.  Products to be featured:  AJA FS1-X, Ki Pro Rack all IP controlled conversion products including KUMO routers as well as AJA Mini-Converters.

11:00am-12:00pm Ross Video - Presented by Greg Quirk
"Improve and Simplify Your Meeting's Broadcast Quality and Reduce Operational Costs"


The Ross Legislative Solution (LCS) provides an integrated approach to broadcast meetings. The system simplifies the operation to a point that a single operator can manage the entire assembly production after about 30 minutes of training! The Ross Legislative Solution provides an integrated approach to broadcasting meetings. No longer do you need someone who knows how to play a switcher like a piano or a dedicated CG operator to key in all of the information... you just need someone who can select a speaker from a graphical interface, pick the best camera shot that frames the representative and hit TAKE. During this session, Greg Quirk, Legislative Market Manager for Ross Video will walk you through how easy ot is to use the system. This is a Digital Resources Exclusive!

1:00pm-2:00pm Russ Berger Design Group - Presented by Russ Berger
"Surround Perception in Presentation and Broadcast Spaces"

Specializing in acoustical and architectural design for studios, learning environments, performance halls and broadcast facilities.

2:0pm-3:00pm LifeSize - Presented by Brian Posey
"Changing the Way We Communicate
Video Collaboration in the Cloud and the Connected Experience"

Learn how you can combine your video, audio and collaboration tools all into one. LifeSize Cloud provides all of the following to enhance your meetings and collaboration efforts.
Experience Lifsize Cloud with a Free Two-Week Test Drive!

3:00pm-4:00pm DPA Microphones - Presented by Leonardo Romero
"Pros and Cons of Omni versus Directional Microphones"

Introduction to condenser microphones in general. Interactive live comparisons of various microphone uses and techniques. Placement of microphones on individuals and instruments while listening to the change according to placement.


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