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Digital Resources, Inc.
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Digital Resources, Inc. (DRI) begins every project with several in depth conversations and thorough site inspections.   Our first-in team makes every effort to ensure DRI has a clear and concise understanding of the client’s expectations.   To facilitate the process our understanding of the client’s requirements is exemplified with a Proposed Statement of Work; with emphasis placed on the identified workflow processes, as well as long term system infrastructure, and value added engineering.  DRI is committed to making sure the client’s investment is always considered while maintaining the integrity of the system requirements.

Resources are abundant, and we take advantage of each and every opportunity made available to us, during any given project.  Digital Resources has longstanding relationships with our manufacturing partners.  Our experience and history with each of these partners affords us the ability to negotiate during the procurement process.  These negotiations often results in specific advantages that are passed on to the customer in the final proposal stage.  At which time the final statement of work is also submitted for final approval and an order to proceed.   Concept drawings are subsequently finalized and submitted for client review; and ultimately sign off is received.   Upon signature receipt the final equipment selections are ordered along with the appropriate cables, connectors and other miscellaneous hardware.  And finally the installation and integration team is assembled. Typically, at Digital Resources, the same installation, integration, and project management team see their respective project assignment through from start to finish.  We are confident this type of continuity is best and a sense of trust, respect and camaraderie is developed between DRI’s team and the client, resulting in positive results for all.

Installation, integration and project management timelines are constructed with consideration being given to the customer’s goals and expectations and to the various participants involved in most projects including a general, electrical & HVAC contractor, as well as other related industry contractors.  Equally important and most often the most impacting to the timeline is the equipment manufacturer’s delivery commitments.  Once the equipment has been ordered, and the submittal drawings have been accepted the project time line is prepared.   At DRI we are sticklers to the timeline; but as projects go timelines shift for a variety of reasons.  During the integration process a client often realizes an existing workflow process needs to change or other capabilities need to be added, and or other functions need to be eliminated.  When this happens we understand it is all part of the process.  DRI’s on-site team does everything they can to seamlessly incorporate the change(s) into the design.   Solutions are identified, financial parameters are discussed, and after approval and acceptance of a solid proposition, additional equipment may be ordered and in some cases equipment may be deleted.  With the customer’s authorization to proceed the solution is integrated into the design, the changes are noted on the concept drawings and ultimately incorporated into the as-built drawings.  Project finalization includes product commissioning and training to ensure total customer satisfaction.  

To schedule a meeting to discuss your upcoming project or to request information, please contact us today.   

2107 Greenbriar • Suite B • Southlake, Texas 76092 • Ph: 817-481-9300 • Toll: 866-823-6328 • www.digitalresources.com
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