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Digital Resources, Inc.
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Innovative Solutions - commited to our clients' satisfaction


Digital Resources Inc. (DRI) is committed to making sure the client’s investment is always considered while maintaining the integrity of all system requirements.   DRI’s mission is accomplished in phases, briefly outlined below.


During the initial discovery sessions every effort is made to ensure Digital Resources has a clear and concise understanding of the client’s expectations.   DRI’s first-in team works closely with the client to determine the best solutions to meet all criteria set forth.  To facilitate the process, our understanding of the client requirements and the proposed solutions, are exemplified with a Proposed Statement of Work.  Emphasis is placed on the identified workflow processes as well as long term system infrastructure and value added engineering.  This important process of edification helps to ensure all parties clearly understand what is expected by the client and what is being proposed as a deliverable solution by Digital Resources.  Upon acceptance of the proposition DRI will develop a systems design concept that proves functionality and integrity while staying within the financial parameters.


The concept drawings evolve, system specifications are extracted, and a bill of materials is developed.   A full set of engineering documents are produced; one line electrical drawing set, includes cable, connector types, equipment locations, and rack elevations.  Upon receipt of an order to proceed, the equipment is ordered, the installation and project management team is assembled, and the project time line is defined.

Installation & Integration

DRI projects are skillfully executed, on-time, through preplanning and expert project management. 

DRI ensures that all wiring is executed in strict adherence to “standard broadcast practices,” as excerpted from “Recommended Wiring Practices “Broadcast Audio Equipment for AM, FM, Television (5th Edition), Radio Corporation of American (RCA), Camden, N.J. 1962, and Appendix II, “Recommended Wiring Practices”, Sound System Engineering, (2nd Edition), D. Davis and performed in accordance with standard professional Practice 8.

DRI provides quality assurance during all phases and in areas of responsibility by verifying all sub-contractors qualifications by magnitude of jobs, experience and resumes of lead engineers equates to the client’s project.

DRI will provide final system testing and commissioning of all systems to assure that the goals established during the design phase are met. 

DRI will ensure that all work and materials comply with all applicable codes and regulations to meet or exceed Federal, State, City, and Local Building Codes and Regulations.  The client will be notified if anything in the Plans or Specifications is out of compliance with codes and/or laws.

DRI documentation is finalized and delivered upon completion and final acceptance.

DRI warrants the installed system to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for not less than two years after date of Substantial Completion.  

Mission Accomplished

2107 Greenbriar • Suite B • Southlake, Texas 76092 • Ph: 817-481-9300 • Toll: 866-823-6328 • www.digitalresources.com
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